The flavours of American barbecue in Apulia thanks to Southern Bbq team

Posted on Oct 7 2014 by Simona Giacobbi


Hot coals, high quality meat, smoke-scented cherry and the intense flavor of the sauces. “Te lo do io l’American Barbecue”. A challenge? Maybe. But it was not just about grilling sausages and ribs. There were conviviality, good food and lightheartedness on the grill. Ingredients which characterize the spirit of Southern BBQ, a group of young Apulian enthusiasts who love the “low and slow” cooking method, grilling pioneers in Apulia, madly in love with the meat. They have joined forces to spread the culture of American barbecue in our region and in southern Italy, the one of North American masters, the only thing that Americans can teach us when it comes to Italian cuisine. And their first dinner at L’Allegra Scottona in Maglie, Lecce, was a well-deserved success. More than 120 people from Apulia and even from Calabria responded to the invitation.
In the menu there were smoked sausages cooked with Doppelbock beer, beef ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, all served with the Southern BBQ Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Sauce, BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, turnips cream, chipotle and habanero jam.
Dishes that require long preparation times, more than ten hours of cooking for pulled pork and brisket, as explained by Virgilio Brunetti, BBQ4All coach.
“The low temperature is essential for pork and brisket of beef so then they can arrive at a state of maximum softness. Usually these preparations are considered low-profile, scraps, but these cuts are truly exceptional dishes and rich of flavors. Italians want to learn from the Americans both in technique but using local products. Italian butchers must use these products to support our territory and being more open-minded.”
Brunetti finally recalled that in a few days he will leave with BBQ4All team for Tennessee where there will be the 26th edition of the “world’s most prestigious event, the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue, with the giants of grilling.”
Given the success of the first evening, the Southern BBQ is already thinking about the next appointment, as announced by Sergio Candido: a Tex Mex dinner with burritos, fajitas and many other Mexican delicacies.
Massimiliano Garrisi, owner of L’Allegra Scottona, the pub-steak house that on November 10 will turn 4 years old. Garrisi says he is already planning many other dinners, including a Man vs Food night. “We did not expect so many people. The guys worked with enthusiasm, harmony and they used quality products and techniques that were experimental us. We supported them, true professionals in life, at work and in their passion. And we were not wrong,” Garrisi said.

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