Altamura Bread

Posted on Feb 15 2014 by Redazione

panealtamuraPane di Altamura is a type of bread made from durum flour from the Altamura, area in the Provincia di Bari, Apulia.
In 2003 Pane di Altamura was granted PDO status within Europe.
By law, it must produced as to a range of demands, including particular varieties of wheat, certain specification of water and production method, and then have a final crust over 3 mm in thickness, shape tends not to be important.
Official production zone consists of the Comuni of Altamura, Gravina di Puglia, Poggiorsini, Spinazzola, Minervino Murge.
Altamura bakeries sell products that are so good that they have caused the closure, in the city, of the famous multinational chain McDonald’s.