Brindisi DOC

Posted on Feb 15 2014 by pma

Vino Rosso

Production area: Territories of Brindisi and Mesagne (Central/Southern Puglia)

Wine types: Red; Rosé; Red Reserve

Vine varieties: Negroamaro (min. 70%); Malvasia Nera di Brindisi; Sussumaniello; Sangiovese; Montepulciano

Alcohol by volume: 12% (Red e Rosé); 12,5% (Reserve)

Organoleptic properties
The Red type is ruby red in colour with orange tinges when aged.
To the nose it is vinous and lingering.
To the palate it is dry, tannic and velvety with an acidic aftertaste.
The Rosé type is pink in colour. To the nose is intense and fruity (hints of blueberry and raspberry). To the palate is dry, full-bodied, soft and warm.