Leverano DOC

Posted on Feb 15 2014 by pma

Vini vari

Production area: Territories of Leverano (Province of Lecce, Salento, Southern Puglia)

Wine types: Red; Red Reserve; Novello; Negroamaro Rosso; Rosé; Negoramaro Rosato; White; Passito (raisin wine); Bianco Vendemmia Tardiva; Malvasia Bianca

Vine varieties: for Red and Rosé Negroamaro (50%-100%); Malvasia Nera di Lecce (massimo 40%); Montepulciano (massimo 40%); Sangiovese (massimo 40%)
For Negroamaro Rosso and Negroamaro Rosato: Negoramaro grapes (min. 85%).
White and Passito: Malvasia Bianca (50%-100%); Bombino Bianco (massimo 40%).
Malvasia Bianca: Malvasia Bianca grapes (min. 85%).

Alcohol by volume: 10,5% (White and Malvasia Bianca); 11% (Rosé and Negroamaro Rosato); 11,5% (Red); 12% (Negroamaro Rosso); 15% (Passito)

Organoleptic properties

Leverano DOC White is light straw yellow in colour. To the nose it is intense and slightly lingering, fruity and floral with delicate hints of apple, peach and white flowers. To the palate it is dry, slightly warm and altogether chamois-soft, quite zesty, almost tangy, weak-bodied and quite well-balanced.
Leverano DOC Rosé is rosy verging on light cherry in colour, with occasional light orange tinges. To the nose it is slightly vinous and fruity when young. To the palate it is dry, fresh-tasting, well-orchestrated and agreeable.
Leverano DOC Red is ruby red verging on garnet red in colour with orange tinges when aged. To the nose it is vinous, agreeable and typical. To the palate it is dry and well-orchestrated with an acidic background.