Raw seafood

Posted on Feb 15 2014 by Redazione


Urchins, octopuses, cuttlefish, mussels, nuts, scallops, razor clams, oysters, squid, anchovies, red mullet, prawns and lobsters are an important part of the fishing tradition in Puglia, especially in Bari. You can open and extract the pulp of the sea urchin. It’s orange and fragrant and it can be eaten with homemade bread or focaccia.
The raw octopus is a small animal that, after being cleaned, is beaten with a wooden stick, then whisked on a rock, and finally put in a basket where the fishermen shake it for about an hour until the tentacles curls turn into a ring.
The ‘allìive’ are cuttlefish that do not exceed 3-4 cm and you can eat it simply depriving the little bone, possibly with a little olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.