Sospiri di Bisceglie

Posted on Feb 16 2014 by Redazione

sospiridibisceglieThe “Sospiro” (translation: sigh) is the typical sweet in the area of Bisceglie. The “Sospiro” of Bisceglie comes from a very old recipe that dates back even to the early ’500, when the hermit Aleandro Baldi, described them in his travel notes. They were the sighs of love. According to legend, Sospiri were invented by the nuns of Bisceglie to celebrate the marriage between Lucrezia Borgia and the Count of Conversano. The marriage did not work out. The guests, sighing for the wait, were comforted with sweets prepared for the occasion, that from that day were called just “sighs”. A second legend says instead that a boy in love invented them: faithfully reproduced the soft breast of the woman he loved.