Fava beans and chicory

Posted on Feb 21 2014 by Redazione


This is the basic recipe for fava beans and chicory. It may vary depending on the areas though. In some places no potatoes are added, although this produces a less fluid puree. Other people prefer to mix the mashed beans and chicory before serving, others like to chop the chicory before adding it to the purée. Some like to replace the evo oil with “olio santo”, an olive oil infusion to which hot peperoncino has been added.

Ingredients for 2:
200 g shelled dry fave beans
1 potato (optional)
100 g wild chicory
evo oil
salt to taste

Soak the fava beans for all the night long in cold water. Strain and pour into a pot (or a crock), cover with a peeled and sliced potato, put a pinch of salt and cover with water. Cover over medium heat for about an hour. Add broth frequently. when done, the water must have been completely absorbed. In the meantime, clean and rise the chicory, cook in water and fry in a pan with oil, add salt. Slowly add the oil to the fava beans, while mashing them with a wooden spoon until you obtain a smooth consistency. You can use a mixer. Serve on individual plates, arranging the mashed beans on one side, the chicory on the other. Dress with a trickle of raw oil.