Chunks stuffed with curd on a tartare of fish and pearl barley

Posted on Mar 10 2014 by Redazione

Chef Domenico Lampedecchia sent us his recipe of dough chunks stuffed with curd on a tartare of fish and pearl barley, with baked tomato sauce and smoked flavored with olive leaf.

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For the bocconcini
16 sheets of fresh pasta 6×6 cm
250 g of curd
250 g fresh ricotta
100 g of grated stale bread
50 grams of grated grana padano cheese
10 basil leaves
10 chopped walnuts
salt and pepper

For the baked tomato sauce
500 g of cherry tomatoes
2 garlic cloves
10 basil leaves
1 bay leaf
extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper

For the fish tartare
100 grams skinless sea bass fillet
100 g fillet red yellow fin tuna
1 zucchini
100 g boiled barley
50 g cardoncelli mushrooms
1 celery
50 g yellow squash
salt, pepper, ginger powder
extra virgin olive oil

For the decoration of the dish
500 g spring onions
250 g red wine
200 g semolina
500 g palm oil
100 g squid ink

Boil in salted water the sheets of fresh pasta, cool them in iced water, and then dry with a cloth. Prepare the filling by combining the finely chopped curd, ricotta cheese, stale bread and season with cheese, basil, walnuts, salt, and pepper. Stuff the pasta sheets wrapping themselves forming cannoli, lay them in a greased baking pan placed like a turret, sprinkle with cheese and bake at 140°C for about 30 minutes, keep warm. Wash the tomatoes and cut them into four pieces. Put them in a baking pan and toss with the remaining ingredients. Bake at 160°C for about 45 minutes. For the tartare chop the fish into chunks. Wash all the vegetables and cut them, and add them to the fish, add the barley and season with ginger, salt, pepper and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Cut the onion thinly and leave to marinate for a day in red wine. Pass them in semolina and fry in hot oil.

Lay in the center of the plate the tartare of fish with the help of a stencil square steel, accommodate the bites and veil with the tomato sauce, complete the dish with fried onion and decorate according to your own creativity with squid ink.