Stuffed cuttlefishes

Posted on Mar 14 2014 by Redazione


1,5 kg cuttlefishes
2 eggs
pecorino cheese, grated
garlic clove
evo oil

Clean the cuttlefishes (you can fry the ink-sac separately, they say it is aphrodisiac!). Prepare the filling as follows. Blend 2 eggs with one handful of grated pecorino cheese, 2 handfuls of crumbled soft-bread or breadcrumbs, chopped garlic and parsley, salt, pepper. Stuff each cuttlefish with the filling and put one or two tootpicks to close them. Place them in a clay pan. Pour abundant oil over, and leave to cook for half an hour. Remove the toothpicks and arrange the cuttlefishes on a serving dish with peas previously cooked in oil with sliced onion, pepper, salt. We suggest to eat it with a glass of ‘Cacc’e-mmitte’ wine.