Cold soup with beans, tomato and basil (by Andy Luotto)

Posted on Mar 18 2014 by Redazione


Andy Luotto is an Italian-American actor and television personality, mainly active in Italy.
Andy cooks in the most important restaurants, on TV, on the occasion of the famous gastronomic fairs and as a personal chef. He won several awards and he has opened venues seducing more and more palates in Italy and all over the world, and ours too. So here’s the recipe Andy sent us: cold soup with beans, tomato and basil.

Serves 4
12/15 San Marzano tomatoes
200 g cannellini beans
1 piece of celery, peeled
4 tbsps of pesto
Parmesan cheese (if you like)
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Boil the beans. Peel the tomatoes and remove the seeds. Blend all the ingredients (except for the beans) with salt, celery, pepper and basil until you reach a cream. If necessary, add water. Serve in a bowl, adding the beans. Garnish with pesto and olive oil.
If you like, add a little parmesan cheese.
If you really can not do otherwise … buy pesto ready for use.