Wheat and tomatoes

Posted on Mar 20 2014 by Redazione


Serves 4
0.5 kg of durum wheat
300 g of puréed tomatoes
evo oil
salt and pepper to taste

Coarsely pound the wheat, soak in water for a few hours, then cook it. When water gets to the boil strain wheat, then cook in more warm water over a low heat, adjust salt.
Add more warm water now and then to prevent wheat from sticking to bottom of the pan.
Heat oil in a pan, add the almost done wheat with a pinch of pepper. Let rest in the oil for a while, then dress with the warm tomato sauce. For a tastier dish, replace tomato sauce with 100 g of small chopped tomatoes (called “appesi” as they are picked when still not completely ripe, tied in bunches and hung up for later consumption) sauteed in some oil with two garlic cloves and a pinch of hot chilli.