Octopus salad with green beans and potatoes

Posted on Apr 3 2014 by Redazione


Ingredients (Serves 4)
700 g octopus
3 medium potatoes
300 g green beans
1 lemon
1 garlic clove
a few peppermint leaves
extra vergin olive oil

Place the octopus in cold water in a pan and cook for at least 35 minutes. When cooked, remove from the water and allow to cool on a plate.
Separately, steam or boil in salted water the green beans and potatoes. Drain and allow to cool.
Cut the octopus and vegetables into small pieces, and place in a salad bowl.
Season with salt, lemon juice, oil, pepper, minced garlic, peppermint leaves and grated lemon rind. Serve at room temperature.