Burnt wheat orecchiette pasta with zucchini tops

Posted on Apr 25 2014 by Redazione

Serves 4

200 g orecchiette di grano arso (burnt wheat) pasta
500 g tender zucchini leaves and shoots
2 garlic cloves
aged sheep’s milk ricotta cheese
extra vergin olive oil

Clean the zucchini, choosing the most tender parts and the smallest leaves (the filaments should be removed from the larger leaves).
Cook the vegetables in salted water.
When cooked, place the orecchiette pasta in the same pot. In a pan, fry the garlic in oil until golden and soft. When the orecchiette are almost cooked, drain everything and sauté well in a pan with the garlic and oil to the point that almost a cream forms.
Serve with grated aged ricotta.