Porta di Basso (Peschici, FG)

Posted on Aug 7 2014 by Simona Giacobbi

Porta di Basso

There is a place where the sky touches the sea. Where the emerald green blends with the blue from the top of a cliff. Where large windows open to the horizon, on an infinite space, on the blue abyss. Housed in an old mill, the Porta di Basso restaurant offers Apulian traditional cuisine, the flavors and aromas that follow the seasonality of Puglia. You can also stay in the Relais and relaxing in a room in front of the Roman balcony overlooking the sea.
One of the most distinctive and refined restaurants in Peschici, in Gargano area, the Porta di Basso, that is featured in many Italian and foreign guides, offers a panoramic view, both inside and from the balcony overhanging a cliff 90 meters high. Elegant, bright, clean. Sophisticated mise en place, with crystals, white porcelain and paintings and seascapes on the walls.
Chef Dominic Cilento, awarded as “best emerging chef in Southern Italy”, always choses products that the sea and the nature of the Gargano offer, a reality that is synonymous with authenticity and quality.
This is a family passion. Domenico’s mother opened her first restaurant in 1982, where Domenico immediately realizes his love for cooking. After studying surveyor he dediced to follow the footsteps of her mother.
Cilenti’s dishes are an explosion of scents and colors. Olive oil, tomatoes, wild vegetables. From fish to podolica meat. The chef retrieves the ingredients from farmers and fishermen in the area. The choice is wide with a choice of several menu tasting. We suggest you to follow the advice of the staff, in particular of the very kind Maurizio who has worked for the Porta di Basso for seven years. The winery provides local labels, national and foreign.
We start with an intriguing composition, jumbo shrimp with black truffle and foie gras, beet and bell pepper. The flavour is very delicate and surprisingly not overpowering. We try the smoked bluefish wrapped in frozen celery with black salt. The octopus cooked with charcoal with lentils, celery and lemon is very tender. A tasty fried cod in batter, accompanied by a soup of fresh fava beans in small transparent jars topped by tomato sauce with fresh mint prepares the palate for an unforgettable lunch, suspended in the blue. There are the land and sea in Carpino beans soup with samphire “Ifioridellorto” and cuttlefish, accompanied by crunchy chip of durum wheat and cereals. The tradition, with the unmistakable touch of the chef.
The ginger makes the dish of Cavalieri spaghetti with shellfish very special and it intrigues the palate. The products of the earth are all in the orecchiette with marasciuolo (it’s a plant typical of Gargano area), baked tomatoes and stracciatella, an important dish to taste that takes you back in time.
A fresh pineapple semifreddo with caramelized apple and crunchy almonds and a delicious and rich chocolate flan surprisingly studded with pepper and liquorice sauce and pistachio ice cream close an extraordinary journey of flavors and colors.

Porta di Basso
via Colombo, 38
71010 Peschici (FG)
0884355167 – 3490516527 – 3478674712

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