Aleatico di Puglia DOC

Posted on Feb 15 2014 by pma

Vini vari

Production area: all Puglia provinces

Wine types: dessert wine (Dolce naturale; Liquoroso)

Vine varieties: Aleatico (min. 85%); Malvasia Nera; Primitivo

Alcohol by volume: 15% (Dolce naturale); 18,5% (Liquoroso)

Organoleptic properties

Both varieties are garnet red in colour with purplish hues verging on orange when aged.
The high alcohol level is due to the partial drying of the grapes occurred on the vinery using drying racks.
To the nose it is peculiarly delicate, blending with the perfume acquired by this wine during the ageing process with fruity hints of cherry and plum.
Flavour: full, velvety, moderately sweet.
When aged for more than three years Aleatico di Puglia DOC may be granted the Riserva indication on the label.