Spaghetti all’assassina

Posted on Feb 21 2014 by Redazione


This dish belongs to the Apulian tradition. When our grandmother or great-grandmothers didn’t throw away anything. When they used everything, especially in the kitchen, even the leftovers. Spaghetti all’assassina (the translation sounds weird: “Killer’s spaghetti”) was born from the need to recycle the leftovers from the day before. You simply cook the leftovers in an iron pan with some cherry tomatoes and a little hot chili pepper until they are crispy and the sauce is all absorbed.


2 servings:

150 gr of spaghetti (leftovers of the day before)
hot chili pepper
fresh cherry tomatoes (optional)
evo oil


Heat the oil in a cast iron fry pan. Pour the spaghetti and add the hot chili pepper. Cook until pasta forms a dark crust. This dish should be eaten hot in order to enjoy the crispiness of the pasta.


2 servings

150 gr of spaghetti
350 gr of tomato sauce
fresh cherry tomatoes (optional)
1 hot chili pepper
1 garlic clove
evo oil
black pepper
a pinch of sugar


Sauté the garlic and the hot chili pepper in a cast iron fry pan. Once the garlic is golden add the tomato sauce, the fresh cherry tomatoes cut in half and a pinch of sugar to remove the acidity of the tomatoes. Cook spaghetti just for 2-3 minutes. Drain it and transfer it into the pan with the sauce. If you want this dish to be successful the pan should be made of iron. Spaghetti must absorb the tomato sauce and form a crispy and delicious dark crust.