Caprice of Farinella (by Giuseppe and Maria Teresa Marzullo)

Posted on May 21 2014 by Redazione


Oggi i fratelli Giuseppe e Maria Teresa Marzullo ci propongono dei bellissimi dolci. Non sono difficili da preparare, provateci anche voi. E se volete inviarci le vostre ricette leggete come fare qui.

Ingredients for 25 portions

For the base
100 g of dark chocolate

For the filling
200 g fresh ricotta cheese from Puglia
200 g of fresh cream
20 g of icing sugar
½ vanilla bean seeds (or 1 tsp of vanilla flavor )
hazelnut cream

For the hat
1 egg
10 g of sugar
70 g flour 00
20 g ‘Farinella’ toasted chickpea and barley (typical of Putignano)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
grated rind of lemon

For decorations
orange zest
lemon curls
13 red candied cherries


Make the bases by melting in a double boiler the chocolate. Using the silicone molds for baking cupcakes, put the chocolate. Let cool.
Prepare the hats of Farinella. Mix together all the ingredients until you get a soft dough. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin to form a sheet of 2 mm and cut into triangles, bend the tip and fry in hot oil. Dry well and when they are cold sprinkle with icing sugar on both sides. Prepare the filling by mixing the ricotta with the sugar and vanilla seeds; whip the cream and add it to the ricotta mixture mixing well to obtain a sufficiently dense mousse Take the cups of chocolate and spread over the bottom half teaspoon of hazelnut cream. With the help of a decorator bag, stuff the cups with fresh ricotta mousse, to form balls, and arrange them in cups of colored paper. Assemble now the Caprice of Farinella, by inserting the two fried biscuits to form the jester’s hat, then the nose made of half red cherry and garnish with curls of orange zest, lime and lemon.