Mussels au gratin

Posted on Feb 13 2014 by Redazione


The mussels au gratin are a delicious sea appetizer from Puglia: their shell is filled with a good stuffing that consists of bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese and parsley, seasoned with the cooking liquid from the mussels themselves. They are simple and fast to prepare and they are the perfect recipe for a tasty fish dinner.


1 kg black mussels
100 g breadcrumbs
50 g grated Grana cheese
a small bunch of parsley
a pinch of oregano
a garlic clove
evo oil


Clean and wash mussels, remove one shell half, filter the liquid from the mussels. Mix the breadcrumbs, cheese, finely chopped garlic and parsley, and oregano. Arrange mussels on a baking tray, cover each mussel with some of the mixture, sprinkle with oil and mussels’ liquid and broil. Bake at 200C (390F) for approximately 5 minutes and serve hot. In the Salento region, instead of cheese a piece of tomato is placed onto each mussel.