Posted on Feb 15 2014 by Redazione

bombetteBombetta pugliese is a specialty of the Valle D’Itria, south of Bari. Bombetta is a beef roll stuffed with cheese and ham in the area of Martina Franca, Cisternino, Alberobello and Locorotondo. The recipe varies from location to location.
The name is evidently referring to the rounded shape and small size of these rolls, as well as their filling that generates a real “explosion” of flavor.
Bombette are the meat rolls in small size (3-5 cm), prepared with slices of beef stuffed with chunks of cheese with local ham or, in some cases, mixed meat minced and spiced (sausage). These rolls are usually cooked on the grill and served or as a filling for sandwiches (for example, in the typical puccia of the Province of Taranto).