Ceglie cookie

Posted on Feb 15 2014 by Redazione

biscottoceglieseCeglie cookie (in dialect “Piscquettele”) is a typical cookie from Ceglie. It is a biscuit made with almond paste and jam cherries or grapes, with fragrance of lemon and coffee covered with a glaze made of sugar and cocoa. Other ingredients used to prepare it are honey and eggs. The biscuit has a cubic shape, the color can vary and depends on the presence or absence of icing with cocoa. The glaze gives the cookie a brown color and facilitates the preservation over time especially the softness inside.
For centuries the production area of the Ceglie cookie (the area of Brindisi) has been a land dedicated to the production of almonds. This biscuit was produced by peasant families on the occasion of important holidays and weddings and it was used as candy. Through the years the cookie has become a kind of symbol of the city.
All the raw materials are produced in the municipal area in accordance with the specification of the Slow Food Presidium. In particular, the varieties of almonds used for this cookie (Sepp d’amic, Spappacarnale, Sciacallo, Zia Pasqua, Gianfreda, Mingunna e Rivezzo) are all local and typical of Salento.