Primitivo di Manduria DOC

Posted on Feb 15 2014 by pma

Vino Rosso

Production area: Territories of Manduria, San Marzano di San Giuseppe, Avetrana, Sava, Maruggio, Lizzano, Torricella, Pulsano (Province of Taranto, Central-Southern Puglia)

Wine types: Red; Dessert wines (Dolce naturale; Liquoroso secco; Liquoroso dolce naturale)

Vine varieties: Primitivo (100%)

Alcohol by volume: 14% (Red); 13% (Dolce naturale); 15% (Liquoroso dolce naturale); 16,5% (Liquoroso secco)

Organoleptic properties

Primitivo di Manduria is comparable to American and Australian Zinfandel.
The Red type is red verging on purplish in colour, but turns to orange when aged. To the nose it is endowed with a typically light aroma. To the palate it is pleasant, full-bodied, well-orchestrated, becoming velvety upon ageing.
Dessert types (Dolce naturale, Liquoroso naturale and Liquoroso secco) must be subject to a period of ageing lasting at least 2 years.