Clementine from Gulf of Taranto

Posted on Feb 16 2014 by Redazione

clementinegolfotarantoClementine of the Gulf of Taranto is a mix between the mandarin and the orange, characterized by spherical, slightly flattened shape at the poles, with a smooth or slightly wrinkled peel, orange in color with a slight green tinge.
The pulp, which is also orange in color and very juicy, has a sweet taste and it contains a maximum of three seeds. It can be eaten plain or used to make juices, syrups, sherbets, jams.
The harvest is done by hand, in order to prevent the fruit from spoiling.
Clementine in the Gulf of Taranto is grown exclusively in the municipalities of the Province of Taranto, in the area of the Land of Gravine Joniche.
Palagiano is also called the “city of clementines,” which each year dedicates a week of celebration for the feast of mandarin making it the symbol of the town.