Ostie ripiene (filled hostia)

Posted on Feb 16 2014 by Redazione


The filled wafers (‘ostie ripiene’) are a typical sweet of Monte Sant’Angelo, a small town in Gargano are, in northern Puglia. It is a dessert consisting of low fat ingredients and energy (almonds and honey) and the sacramental bread. The wafers are thin and crispy and you can find them in the grocery stores or in the bakeries.
Their story is really curious. It is said that one day, in the kitchens of the Monastery of Trinity (Monastero della Trinità) di Santa Chiara in Monte Sant’Angelo, while some nuns were preparing the dough for the ‘hostia’, some almonds fell into a bowl of honey just cooked. A nun immediately tried to remove the almonds using two wafers. The almonds were attached to the wafers. Here is the recipe of this delicious dessert.

Here is the recipe