Caripino celebrated the feast of fava beans

Posted on Jul 1 2014 by Redazione
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Carpino, in Gargano area, celebrated the feast of beans. A day full of charm, traditions, culture dedicated to one of the most popular Slow Food product of Puglia.
“The idea of ​​this initiative is that of a long holiday in the countryside, a chance to get together directly with farmers and local farms that produce this amazing legume with excellent nutritional properties such as reduced calories, high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber,” organizers said.
The fava bean of Carpino is smaller than other beans, but it has less calories and more minerals. It also has a very thin skin and you can season it with oil and raw onions. Do not forget a classic Apulian dish, fava beans and chicory.
The event was sponsored by the ‘Fava di Carpino’ association in collaboration with the Cultural Association Carpino Folk Festival and the local Proloco with the patronage of the National Park of Gargano, Gruppo d’Azione locale and the City of Carpino.

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Fava beans and chickory

Cream of fava beans from Carpino, chickory with Apulian evo oil (by chef Peppe Zullo)