Pasta with ricotta cheese (by Nunzia Bellomo)

Posted on Feb 5 2015 by Redazione


Today the talented food blogger Nunzia Bellomo (Miele di Lavanda) presents a very tasty recipe: pasta with ricotta.
The pasta with ricotta cheese is a dish typical of the Apulian tradition. Pasta is prepared using fresh orecchiette or cavatelli, and fresh cottage cheese. It should be served as appetizer before bringing to the table the “real” first dish that is pasta with meat sauce! I dedicate this dish to my grandma who patiently mixed all the ingredients calmly and with love. Preparing this pasta is for me a way to feel connected to whom is gone … but I always carry with me just like the love for cooking.

250 grams of cream cheese
3 teaspoons of sugar
the grated rind of 1 lemon
200 g of fresh pasta
1 egg (optional)

Mix in a bowl the ricotta, sugar, lemon rind and egg yolk (optional).
Meanwhile, cook pasta in salted water al dente, drain and pour in the ricotta. Mix well and serve hot adding more lemon zest.